Bold Becoming 

Julie Browne, former social worker turned coach, author and personal growth trainer, and no stranger to unexpected identity loss, launched her podcast!

It's about forced identity transition — when people have the rug pulled out from under them.

Earthquake events like divorce, health or career loss. "Invisible" stuff like loss of childhood from being a caregiver instead of a kid, losing your identity to addiction, domestic violence or incest. Even unexpectedly losing your sovereignty to motherhood.

Through a tapestry of life's crushing personal issues, Julie showcases an audio mural of grief, pain, uncertainty ... strength, grit, courage ... and serendipity.

 Join others who get it, and  seek company, compassion and insights as we navigate uncharted territory. 

This is where we allow, with poise and grace, our sense of disorientation and ambiguity. And the fact that we're "still" in transition.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Together we'll discover the secret sauce that is overcoming adversity. 

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