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Certified High Perfomance Coaching™

Helping you level up. 


 CHPC's™ cutting edge tools from neuroscience and positive psychology deepen relationships, increase levels of success in business and improve health. 


 Gain clarity about what’s most meaningful and important. Start transforming choices into a symphony of actions aligned with your values, ideals and full potential. 


  • Struggling with negativity and self-doubt?
  • Stuck on a plateau?
  • What worked before’s just not getting you to that next level? 

Your family will LOVE you for this holistic approach :)


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What is Certified High Performance Coaching™

Potential and Infinity

CHPC™ helps you break through your barriers and reach your highest potential and performance in all you do. 

What is "High Performance"?

Succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term, while maintaining positive relationships and protecting your well-being.

If you're feeling stuck and restless, settling's not an option, and you're filled with ambition yet stumpted about how to get to that next level, learning new high performance habits is the missing strategy you need right now.

CHPC™ clients often feel stuck, spent or listless. And they're ready to honor that struggle called change.

They figure things out and know it's their job to ask for help.

They believe heart, body and mind must work in tandem.

They're on a mission to live in alignment with their values, ideals and full potential.

Now it's YOUR time  - to channel your power, with conviction equal to that of water cascading over a magnificent waterfall, FULLY into your new life!


Next Level Dreams

Courage-Ignite™ is where you'll treat yourself to the most GLORIOUS version of yourself.

It's where you'll fuse your essence with ALL aspects of your life.

It's where you'll feel balanced and whole again.

 CHPC™ offers the most cutting edge tools from neuroscience and positive psychology.

This science-backed, field-tested, curriculum-guided coaching is PROVEN to deepen relationships while increasing levels of success in business and health. 

You'll build skills in KEY areas necessary to achieve next-level goals.

 People struggling with negativity and self-doubt gain clarity about what’s most meaningful and important, develop new habits and reach next level goals.

If you're ready to raise your ambition, CHPC™ gives you that new edge needed to completely transform your quality of life -  to live FULLY ENGAGED! 

So jump on board and discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world's most successful people.


Coach Julie

Coach Julie went to Colombia to learn Spanish. And she learned SO much more. She saw "the other side of life,” and it changed her. 

Julie met people DESPERATE to have what she had: opportunity. 

In the midst of the downtown bustle, an elderly woman with deformed legs, people glaring at her with disdain, lay atop her “sleigh on wheels,” arm stumps pushing against pavement, propelling herself forward like a surfer going out to catch a wave. 

A thousand abandoned kids roaming the crowded streets barefoot, dirty, stanching both hunger and reality, sniffing glue.  

A young man with matted hair, blind, hand extended awaiting coins, whittling away his life sitting on that same church step.

Returning stateside, an overwhelming kind of "survivor's guilt" hit her. The question: "Why was I lucky and not others?" haunted her.

Julie felt an urgency, an unrelenting NEED to use her position to help others less fortunate. She vowed to find a career that would help people.

She found public health - preventing vs. treating disease.

Along the way she discovered her people skills - her gift for empathic communication, and with that, social work. 

Coach Julie's brand Courage-Ignite™ emcompasses her work as a coach, author and educator.  She helps people ignite their courage, narrate new identities, and build an unshakeable sense of wholeness.

Julie Browne, MPH, MSW, LCSW*, Certified High Performance Coach

*Licensed Clinical Social Worker, masters' in public health and social welfare 

Honoring Your Soul's Journey


In fifth grade I decided to stop beating people up. I thought I’d have more friends.


During school recess, boys wouldn’t let me play in their sports games unless I beat them up.


I was angry, a lot.


I HATED discrimination.  


And I hated rules that were just plain wrong. Like telling me I had to wear dresses to school because I was a girl. 


I was really unhappy. I was at war with the world just because of what I liked to do - just because of who I was. 


I knew there was nothing wrong with me doing the things I loved. I knew the WORLD was wrong, for telling me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do certain things just because I was a girl. 


But now, with that new decision in tow, I found myself on a path moving away from myself. Because along with that decision, inadvertently, I also stopped speaking my truth.


I'd started down a path of self-betrayal.


I started doing things I didn’t really want - saying yes when I wanted to say no. I knew when I betrayed myself, every time. 


My self-esteem shuttered. I was embarrassed with myself. Self-loathing began.


I hated myself for refusing to speak my truth.


Towards the end of high school I HAD to do something to get myself back. I went to South America on the pretext of learning Spanish. And I went because, being a stranger, I’d be forced to talk.


That plan worked pretty well. And yet, once home, I went back to hiding behind my silence.  


I lived like a separate person - me watching myself from above - as my real person said and did things out of alignment with who I really was. 


I’d lost that rock-solid core I'd had - that little girl who knew her truth, spoke her truth and lived her truth.


It HURT to watch myself like this...


I watched myself in unhappy romantic relationships. I watched myself addicted to pot, hiding out so no one would know I was an addict. I watched my self-hatred grow. 


I’d been through a lot, more than I like to admit. Then, in another attempt to regain my voice I became a peer counselor. I volunteered on a women’s crisis hotline.


This would make good use of expensive life lessons. I’d gained perspective. I could relate.  And being on the other end of a crisis call, again, I’d be FORCED to talk. 


And as I talked I found my joy :)


My paths of pain had gifted me with insight about the nature of suffering.


Through empathic communication, I realized helping people struggling with pain and uncertainty was my calling.


Consoling while helping others connect their dots, people skills and strategic planning emerged as my strengths and I became a social worker. 


I helped others build the courage needed to choose change over stagnation, to overcome adversity, to access joy and freedom, in short - to level up.


Some people admire me for my courage. I believe it comes from doing what I HAD to do. I had no choice. I WOULD NOT settle. I HAD to become the real me again. 


My greatest desire is for others to believe that,  just as I moved on the spectrum away from pain and toward joy, away from self-loathing and toward self-love, so can you.


It’s our birthright to know our truth, speak our truth and live our truth. This was my core as a little girl. It's the same for all of us. This is the formula for personal freedom and self-love.


In a world where we’re taught to disallow ourselves and others, let’s learn the Art of Allowing - allowing yourself to be in sync with who you really are, to greet with open arms, the 'stranger' that is yourself.

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CHPC™ Questionnaire

Strategy Session

From atop the highest peak we take a 360 degree view of your life. In the process, we may become a trekking team.


Helping you reach your next summit, CHPC™ builds new skills key to breaking through barriers to your destination. 

"Working with Julie was amazing. She helped me connect all the dots of my life. We started out as strangers and it felt like we ended as soul sisters. She helped me make my personal life mission (which I’ve been searching for a long time) crystal clear - and it just so happens that it combines everything that I am already doing which uses my talents and brings joy to my life. Since she helped me with the realization of my life mission, I am still reeling - from excitement, from fear, from the thrill, from the doubt, from the huge task I have ahead of me. Having Julie walk this path with me is exactly what I need."

Terumi Okano
Chemical Engineer

"Julie's a great coach who has inspired me immensely. She's a master in the art of leading by example. Her own life, with a wealth and variety of experiences both at a professional and personal level, gives her a rich perspective which she generously put at my service during our alliance. Her reflections are well seasoned and profound. During our work together she proved to be a very caring person, and she helped me realize the importance of treating myself better and celebrating success. As a high achiever, sometimes I tended to treat myself too harshly. I am now aware that I was not taking time to stop and adequately celebrate all those successes and achievements. She knows time is our most precious gift, and I believe that is why she invested so much time, energy and money being trained by some of the most reputed people in the world in different disciplines. All the knowledge and best practices she's gathered from all those people has definitely been an amazing extra bonus. For all of what I mentioned above, I feel immensely fortunate and blessed that my path crossed with Julie´s. I recommend her to anyone willing to make great changes and transform their lives."

Iñigo López Callejo
Former International Corporate Manager - Current Freelancer in Bilbao, Spain

"Always effusively positive. Julie helped me to always remember to seek the silver lining in every event. Thank you Julie!"

Paula Willis
Physics Professor



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