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New Normal Coaching

Helping families thrive in a new normal after a child's catastrophic health diagnosis.

Struggling to make sense of what happened to your life while juggling new balls you never knew existed?
Need to quickly adapt to your new life?
New Normal Coaching with Julie Browne, LCSW, can help you.
In just three months, by using proven strategies and tools, you'll be well on your way to becoming the best parent you can be.


What would it look like to:

  • Create a new family normal using strategies and tools tailored to your goals? 
  • Feel better emotionally, regardless of circumstances? 
  • Improve family dynamics so they’re supportive and happy for everyone?
  • Stop feeling guilty and stressed about not being as productive as you’d like?
  • Have clarity around what and how to do what needs to be done for you, your child, and your family?
  • Be able to influence people to see things from your perspective and take the actions you desire?
  • Have the tough conversations needed to get your and your family's needs met?
  • Live each day with enough energy to tackle the never ending, previously unimaginable, daily challenges that’s now your new life?

Are these the kinds of things you say to yourself?

“I’m totally overwhelmed and stressed out.”

“I’m angry as hell and sad beyond belief.”

“I’m scared to death.”

“I have no idea how I’m going to manage this new life.”

“I can’t see how I’ll ever be happy again.”

Coach Julie


Watching a mom and preteen girl eating snacks and chatting at my favorite café, I told them I’d never had time like that with my mom when I was young. She was too busy keeping the family together and my brother alive. 


By the time my oldest brother was ten, my parents had planned four (unused) funerals for him. I’m child number three, and I grew up in a family with a child with a catastrophic medical diagnosis.


It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. Who knows what kind of a person my dad would’ve been if my brother hadn’t been almost dying throughout all of my young childhood.  


But in retrospect, I can see that the stress must have been almost unbearable for my parents. 


I also worked as a social worker for families with kids receiving specialty medical care and, as an adult, got to see a bit of what my parents went through. 


So now I help families like mine create more joy and less stress than what I grew up with, because toxic stress can increase an individual’s future risk of health, social, and economic problems. 


It’s been a windy path to get here, but after being booted out of my social work career due to my own disability, I finally found a way back to using my therapeutic voice. 


First I found my topic—unexpected identity loss—and started a podcast. I interview people about regaining their footing after the rug’s pulled out from under them. 


I discovered patterns in their overcoming stories that were the same as mine.


Then I wrote a book on the same topic—Masters of Change


Now I’ve developed a coaching curriculum that helps parents strengthen their internal resources to navigate through the grief and daily challenges of parenting a child with special needs. 


I help parents move from a place of feeling powerless, scared, sad, and mad to feeling more competent and at peace with their new roles and family trajectory. 


Creating a Happy, Healthy New Family Vision for Families with Special Needs Children

I offer 3-month private coaching packages. These include a weekly, 60-minutes call and unlimited emails in-between calls. 

This curriculum-based program coaches on the seven principles most important for your success in being the best parent you can be. 

We cover:

1. Emotions

2. Clarity

3. Family Dynamics

4. Energy

5. Courage

6. Productivity

7. Influence

To experience my coaching, you may apply for a free, 60-minutes New Normal session and we'll see if it's the right program for you. 

This session values at $500.

Once you click the link to apply, you'll fill out a pre-session questionnaire.

I'll review the questionnaire and once I determine you’re a right fit, we'll schedule your first session.

It's that easy! Yes, really—I’ll help you for free on this one!

Be sure to apply today, as I only take on 1-2 new coaching clients per month.

Apply for a Session

You Really Have Nothing to Lose!

I believe so much in New Normal Coaching that I don’t need any commitment from you, other than just filling out your questionnaire and scheduling that first 60-minutes session with me.  

It'll give me an opportunity to see if you're ready and committed to improving your life, and make sure that, honestly, we're a good fit in our communication style and commitment to excellence. 

If you don’t feel like this is your time, you'll get the benefit of self-examination from working through the questionnaire and the first session of free coaching, with no other obligation. 


In just 3 months, you'll already be well on your way to being the very best parent your child needs you to be.


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