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Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute

Certified High Perfomance Coaching

Helping you level up. 

What cutting edge tools can we glean from the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology to help us deepen relationships, increase levels of success and improve health?

 How would gaining clarity about what’s most meaningful and important impact your days, your weeks, your life?!

Are you ready to start transforming choices into a symphony of actions aligned with your values, ideals and full potential? 


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What is Certified High Performance Coaching?

CHPC strategically leads you into a life of leveraging THE 6 needle movers that all high performers access: clarity, energy, courage, productivity, influence and necessity.

Potential and Infinity

CHPC helps you break through barriers and reach your highest potential and performance in all you do. 

What is "High Performance"?

Succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term, while maintaining positive relationships and protecting your well-being.

If you're feeling stuck and restless, settling's not an option, and you're filled with ambition yet stumpted about how to get to that next level, learning new high performance habits is the missing strategy you need right now.

CHPC clients often feel stuck, spent or listless. And they're ready to honor that struggle called change.

They figure things out and know it's their job to ask for help.

They believe heart, body and mind must work in tandem.

They're on a mission to live in alignment with their values, ideals and full potential.

Now it's YOUR time  - to channel your power, with conviction equal to that of water cascading over a magnificent waterfall, FULLY into your new life!


Next Level Dreams

Courage-Ignite™ is where you'll treat yourself to the most GLORIOUS version of yourself.

It's where you'll fuse your essence with ALL aspects of your life.

It's where you'll feel balanced and whole again.

 CHPC offers the most cutting edge tools from neuroscience and positive psychology.

This science-backed, field-tested, curriculum-guided coaching is PROVEN to deepen relationships while increasing levels of success in business and improve health. 

You'll build skills in KEY areas necessary to achieve next-level goals.

 People struggling with negativity and self-doubt gain clarity about what’s most meaningful and important, develop new habits and reach next level goals.

If you're ready to raise your ambition, CHPC gives you that new edge needed to completely transform your quality of life -  to live FULLY ENGAGED! 

So jump on board and discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world's most successful people!


Coach Julie

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Reclaim Your Dreams

Fill out the questionnaire to sign up for a strategy session. Get your notebook reading because this is a full 60 minute working session. 

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Strategy Session

From atop the highest peak we take a 360 degree view of your life. This is your chance to choose a new trekking guide.

Coaching Packages

Helping you reach your next summit. Gain new skills key to breaking through barriers to reach your destination. 

"Working with Julie was amazing. She helped me connect all the dots of my life. We started out as strangers and it felt like we ended as soul sisters. She helped me make my personal life mission (which I’ve been searching for a long time) crystal clear - and it just so happens that it combines everything that I am already doing which uses my talents and brings joy to my life. Since she helped me with the realization of my life mission, I am still reeling - from excitement, from fear, from the thrill, from the doubt, from the huge task I have ahead of me. Having Julie walk this path with me is exactly what I need."

Terumi Okano
Chemical Engineer - Pepperell, MA

"Julie's a great coach who has inspired me immensely. She's a master in the art of leading by example. Her own life, with a wealth and variety of experiences both at a professional and personal level, gives her a rich perspective which she generously put at my service during our alliance. Her reflections are well seasoned and profound. During our work together she proved to be a very caring person, and she helped me realize the importance of treating myself better and celebrating success. As a high achiever, sometimes I tended to treat myself too harshly. I am now aware that I was not taking time to stop and adequately celebrate all those successes and achievements. She knows time is our most precious gift, and I believe that is why she invested so much time, energy and money being trained by some of the most reputed people in the world in different disciplines. All the knowledge and best practices she's gathered from all those people has definitely been an amazing extra bonus. For all of what I mentioned above, I feel immensely fortunate and blessed that my path crossed with Julie´s. I recommend her to anyone willing to make great changes and transform their lives."

Iñigo López Callejo
Former International Corporate Manager - Current Freelancer in Bilbao, Spain

"Always effusively positive. Julie helped me to always remember to seek the silver lining in every event. Thank you Julie!"

Paula Willis
Physics Professor

"My first telephone coaching session with Julie was a few months after returning back to my job as a project manager. This followed a big change in my personal life and we were facing the beginning of the lockdown period due to COVID-19. Already feeling overwhelmed by the situation, having a coaching session was just going to be another commitment I wasn’t prepared for. At the very beginning of our coaching path, I told Julie I was feeling like I was naked, because I knew that every coaching session was meant to dig deeper and deeper, with no excuses or masks, making lots of experimentation, which would involve failure, my failure. Within minutes of talking to Julie I was put at ease and was speaking so openly, like she was an old friend. Julie is a kind, insightful, supportive, non-judgemental coach and talking to her has been just easy. Session after session I could also realize how amazingly the different session topics were tied together. Also it was amazing to see how natural it was to focus on the positive, while seeing my weaknesses and accepting them as challenges to embrace. She helped me accept that going back to my old job was a temporary route on my path forward, and overcome a number of barriers I had put in front of myself for my professional life. And I have had the chance to work on a balance of work/life issues - from stress and low energy through personal performance. Julie’s guidance has helped tremendously in my personal life also. “Does your off button even exist?” she challenged me once. “I wonder what it might look like to create mini-solo-marathon moments, above and beyond your spiritual practice?” “What would change if you could build micro doses of fun into each day?” - FUN! - that which I was missing most and barely knew I was missing it. What I really liked throughout the whole coaching experience is the way Julie has shown me the answers are something I already had, and has shown me how to find them. I would recommend Julie to anyone looking for guidance and clarification. Thanks Julie! "

Brunella Villa
Engineer, Milan, Italy



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