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You will be solely responsible for your physical, emotional, psychological, relational, financial, and spiritual well-being and will practice self-care while engaged in any Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute, LLC courses or services. 

Participation in these programs does not constitute a replacement for medical or psychological advice, care, or treatment and you agree to use the program techniques and strategies at your own risk. This program does not diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness nor take the place of a consultation by professionals licensed in those fields. This program is for educational, informational, and coaching purposes only. 

For any programs or services, including and not limited to the cooking courses, those with health problems, or who may have health problems, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, are advised to seek the guidance of a qualified nutritional, medical,  psychological, or spiritual professional in addition to a qualified macrobiotic counselor as they implement the dietary and other approaches presented in these course. It is essential that any student who has any reason to suspect illness in themselves or their family members promptly seek medical, nutritional, psychological, or spiritual advice.

None of the Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute, LLC courses or services should be used as a substitute for qualified care or treatment, and the instructor shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions contained in them.


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