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Julie Browne — Helping People Reinvent Themselves

 Julie Browne, MPH, LCSW, helps people in identity crisis smile more at themselves.

Former social worker turned deep transformation expert, Julie Browne is founder of Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute. She helps people going through gut punching setbacks bounce beyond pain and awaken dormant personal agency to heal, become confident, and come out ahead of anywhere they’ve ever imagined. 

As a speaker she invites her audience to access their personal power and live in harmony with themselves. Her book Masters of Change and podcast Bold Becoming inspire people to transform rather than settle. As a high performance coach she helps people level up. Julie wishes she’d been better prepared while tackling life’s low blows and settled a little less. Her expensive life lessons are now yours for the taking. 

P.S. If you're really keen on knowing Julie Browne, check out her two books and podcast.

You can help fund the publishing of her new book - Masters of Change - right now when you buy on her presale page RIGHT HERE:

Julie's couture/bespoke clothing life:

Julie's Bold Becoming podcast:


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