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Helping People Reinvent Themselves

 Julie Browne, MPH, LCSW

Former medical social worker turned forced change coach and founder of Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute, Julie Browne helps parents with kids with a catastrophic medical diagnosis. She helps them strategically navigate grief, fear, chaos, and uncertainty to not only accept this change, but use it to become a healthier, happier family. 

Her coaching clients bounce beyond crisis and regain a sense of peace, clarity, and confidence. As a speaker, she inspires families going through some sort of forced, catastrophic change. Her book Masters of Change and podcast Bold Becoming invite people who've had the rug pulled out from under them transform rather than settle. Julie wishes she’d been better prepared while tackling life’s low blows and settled a little less. Her expensive life lessons are now yours for the taking.


P.S. If you're really keen on knowing Julie Browne, check out her two books and podcast.

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Julie's Bold Becoming podcast:

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