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Julie Browne — Helping People Reinvent Themselves

Julie's mission is to be a lighthouse, helping people become more aligned versions of themselves. She believes in the power of choice over circumstance and she’s passionate about helping people take courageous action toward their dreams. What pains her most is unkindled potential. With deep reverence for the human condition, she most loves raw, intimate, personal narrative. 

She lost her social work career from a disability and struggled to regain her footing. Now, founder of Courage-Ignite Breakthrough Institute, she provides achievers coaching services and online courses. She also advises on self-healing through macrobiotics and has a plant-based cooking class

Julie’s creating a workshop to help people in forced identity transition retool after they’ve had the rug pulled out from under them, and is launching The Precious Moments, a story writing community of people learning to love their life stories. 

She’s authored the book Clothing, Mindset & Value, and is writing books on macrobiotics and unexpected identity loss.


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