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Change Before You Break

We give ourselves sales pitches, knowing things aren’t acceptable - to keep us put.

Change is scary - the comfort zone gets our votes. And we treat stepping into the void as a crime.

We take direction from others while effortlessly overriding our own clarity. This habit’s drilled into us as children, in order to learn self-control. 

Adults have the luxury to recognize and override resistance to change. The trick is to catch yourself at the brink of overriding your truth.

Our higher self, our intuition, our all seeing all knowing confidant, advises us from a vantage point of knowing what’s best - from your perspective. No therapist, family member or any other will EVER be as aligned with your true agenda as your inner wisdom.

If we choose to override our truths we cower to resistance. Our fear of negative judgement,  failure, and our TERROR of the void all keep us stuck. We allow fear to call the shots. 

If we follow our inner knowing we may feel a bit out of control. After all, answers only present themselves a few steps at a time. We never have the full picture with which to make “logical, well-founded” decisions. And when we follow our hunches, courage steps in to accompany us.

Courage exists so that we may take action in the face of fear. It allows you to join in a dance with fear. Then you’ll move away from pain towards joy, away from self-betrayal towards self-love.

Make the change before you break (get ill, etc.). When you know you need to go, be somewhere else, do something different - when you’ve deemed that circumstances are unacceptable - don’t hang out waiting because the next gig’s not arrived. Go meet the void and make some lemonade - your brand is awaiting discovery!


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