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Letter to my Younger Self No. 1 - Magnificence

Dearest Little Julie,

You are just a little girl, and yet, all you'll ever need is within you. You have the ability to figure anything out. This is your weapon. You can do anything, and when things go wrong, as they will, you have a way through it, always. Even really bad things, you have what you need to get through it. Because of this truth, feel free to think BIG, aspire to do great things, have the courage to live into your MAGNIFICENCE. 

Everyone has their own unique brand of magnificence. Your job is to find yours. Then, define it, so it fits the WHOLE you, the TRUE you, and NOTHING BUT YOU, and your days will be filled with happiness. 

The biggest trick to discovering your unique magnificence is to always speak your mind. Say what's true for you, even if it's different.

Without this discovery, you might live a life of lies, self-betrayal, disappointment...maybe even disgrace. On your deathbed you'll be filled with regret, because you didn't live your life. 

That real, whole, confident you is always at your beckon call, begging to show herself. When you grow up, it may take work to unearth it, after all that will happen in childhood. When you do unearth it, it will be in the same pristine shape as when you were born. This is your spirit that never tatters nor tires. And, it needs your smart choices to show itself to the world. It needs you to speak and live your TRUTH. Be brave, be persistent, be magnificent!


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