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Letter to my Younger Self No. 3 - Dynamite

Dearest Little Julie,

You know when things are on fire, they have so much energy, they're so hot and out of control that fire takes on a life of its own? Or, the energy of a sudden explosion like dynamite?

I bet you feel that way a lot, bursting with energy, especially when you get to do what you REALLY love doing. Just hearing that you're going to get to do that thing, you have a little dynamite explosion of excitement go off inside you, just thinkingabout that moment, when you'll be doing what you LOVE.

I used to get that feeling when I knew I was going to go horseback riding, or swimming. Those were what I loved most as a little girl. And recess. And climbing trees. And making ceramics. And being with my best friend. I lived for my next chance to do those things. 

When I was a teenager, my excitement changed, and I got that feeling playing sports. I was a natural and REALLY good, and I felt good, anytime I was playing, and even just thinking about the next time I'd be playing.

What things give you little explosions of dynamite, just thinking about it, or the reverse, if you don't get to do it, it feels like pouring water on a campfire -  drowning out your happiness?

Do you know something REALLY weird? Some grown-ups don't have little explosions of dynamite going off in them. They don't even know what they love to do! They're unsatisfied and frustrated. Maybe you can help them. Ask grown-ups what they love to do, and if they don't know, help them remember when they were your age. Then they might find something they love again, their talisman that re-connects them with their soul. 


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